luni, 24 septembrie 2012

New experience

   Ok so i'm a fresher in highschool. I can say that it's reaaaally genius! All the teachers are fun and devoted in their work, my classmates are also funny aaand I have some good-looking guys (but I'm not interested in them). :))
   The older stundents don’t have stupid jokes, they even talk to us and it’s really easy to make a friend. The seniors are the best! We’ve got some „fitze” but they don’t come in the yard so I don’t really see them a lot.
   Oh, I have to write ’bout my Romanian teacher – she is T-H-E  B-E-S-T! I mean she has really good jokes and she understands us and her classes are the reason I love Wednesdays, even if we have French, Chemistry, Phisics and Biology (with a stupid teacher who’s afraind of dwarfs. Which is also fun :)) ).
   Oh, I almost forgot that i have 5 classes of Enghish and one of Great Britain’s and America’s Geography and 2 teachers and one of them graduated Oxford University J.
I can say that I’m very proud of my highschool and because I chose it as my first option, because it’s a place where you can study and have fun too, like studying by having fun. 

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