sâmbătă, 1 ianuarie 2011

Un fel de leapsa pe un site "vorbeste cu strainii"

Stranger: Looking for a girl who has uggs!
You: habidubabi
You: i have =))
Stranger: "=)
Stranger: which ones
You: black...
Stranger: can we talk about uggs :)
You: if u want
Stranger: ok
You: but first
You: where are you from?
Stranger: US
You: :)
Stranger: ")
Stranger: :)
Stranger: what abou tyou
You: Romania..
Stranger: oh ok
Stranger: so how long have you had your uggs for
You: uhm :-?
You: for 3-4 months
Stranger: oh ok
You: u?
Stranger: do you wear them a lot
Stranger: im a guy that loves uggs
Stranger: dont discconect please :(
You: ok :))
You: well...not "a lot"
You: but...sometimes :))
You: how old are u?
Stranger: 18
You: oh, ok
Stranger: ok
Stranger: what was the worst thing you've done to your uggs
You: i don't know
You: let me think about it
Stranger: ok let me know :]
You: I slipped on ice.
Stranger: Oh ):
You: wait a minute
Stranger: ok
You: back
Stranger: ok
Stranger: have you deove with your uggs before??
Stranger: drove*
You: i'm just 14.
You: but let me ask u somethin'
Stranger: no lol
You: ok...cuz i have a friend who has.
You: and...it's..creepy
Stranger: lol
You: no, he's not gay
Stranger: do you have a pictuew if you in them
You: no
You: i'm not obsessed with
Stranger: oh
Stranger: what would you do if youy stepped on gum with them
You: i would "clean" the gum =))
Stranger: oh ok
Stranger: what bout mud
You: nothing =))
You: actually right now it's a lot of mud on them =)
Stranger: you have mud on your uggs>
You: yes :(
Stranger: o::
Stranger: send me a picture
You: i don't have
You: sorry
Stranger: are you wearing them right now?
You: no
Stranger: y
You: cuz i don't want.
Stranger: oh
Stranger: why wont you clean off tne mud
You: cuz it's 1st of january and...
Stranger: can you crush some stuff with your uggs
You: maybe..
You: depends what stuff :))
Stranger: food
You: yep >:)
Stranger: i want to see you crush them
You: i don't wanna do this :))
Stranger: pleasewee
You: no!
Stranger: why :(
You: cuz i just don't want :D
Stranger: fine
You: :)
Stranger: i see how iy is
You: sorry?

You: sorry i gotta go...bye

[tipu' devenea chiar enerveant asa ca am renuntat. :)]

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