vineri, 9 decembrie 2011

For awsome Aisha...

I'm feeling incomplete right now. I know I'm not... I know I have people around me, people who loves me and people I love.... But... today was the last day. The last day with her. I couldn't imagine that I would attach so much to you... Today you made me cry. You wrote that mesage for me and i read it in 2 seconds, even if it was so long. I understood everything by reading only a word. You begged me not to say even a word, I promised you I'll keep the secret. Even if it's hard [and it really is], I'll keep it.
At the end of the course, everyone left and just said goodbye. I couldn't do that. I just came to you and told you everything I was feeling. I don't know what you understood but I was feeling your sadness. I wished you all the best and so you did to me and then... you hugged me. I have never hugged a teacher. I know she is special and I will never ever see her again.
That's why I'm feeling incomplete and sad.
I wrote this in English because of her, Aisha. I'm sure that she will never read this, but she deserves that.
Never gone forget that special woman from England.

P.S.: I wish her to get that job.

XOXO, Alexa - the blonde one...

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