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About me.


Birthdate:22 may 1997
Time you Were Born:about 14:35
Nicknames:ciufi ufi =))
Eye color:blue-green.
Hair color:Blonde-brown
Height:1.63 for moment :p
Left or Right Handed:left.


Food:junk food, chinese food :)
Number:14, 22.
Type of Weather:hot :>
Sports:swimming, basket.
TV ad:-
Drink:coke, sprite, fanta.
Alcoholic Drink:zaraza, jack daniel's, breezer, whine, ballentines, etc.
Chocolate Bar:kit kat.
Restaurant:don't know
Gum:all types!


Bedtime:about 12-01 a.m :|
Most Missed Memory:i don't konw
Weakness:cute guys =)) and junk food
First Thought Waking Up:fuck, bullshit!
Goal For This Year:having fun,love and learning to play guitar <3
Perfect Pizza:don't know.

This or That...

Orange or Apple juice:apple. [hei,hei apple!]
Dog or Cat:Cat
Pepsi or Coke:same shit
Maccas or Burger Knig:burger king
Scary Movie or Funny Movies:both
Chocolate or Vanilla:vanilla
Black or White:purple :)
Truth or Dare:truth
Live Forever or Die Young:Live Forever
PS2 or Xbox 360:ps2
Snakes or Spiders:snakes
Mud or Dirt:none
Gold or Silver:silver

Have You Ever...

Smoked:ocasional :-??
Done drugs:nop
Been beaten up:no
Done the beating up:i don't remember. maybe...
Broken the law:maybe...
Been arrested:no
Cut your own hair:long time ago...
Burnt stuff caus you were bored:everytime i get bored :)
Danced in the rain:yes
Had a long distance relationship:no

Been stalked:yes
Broken a bone:no
Been in an Accident:no
Been in Love:yes
Kissed opposite sex:yes
Kissed same sex:no

Do You...

Shower Daily:yep.
Sing in the Shower:YES! =))
Sing Well:sometimes =))
Believe in Yourself:yes
Want to go to College:yes
Want to Get Married:yes
Want to Have Kids:yes
Get Along With Your Parents:rarely
Get Along With Your Siblings:i don't have
Like Thunderstorms:?
Play an Instrument:no
Speak a Foreign Language:yes
Sleep wIth Stuffed Animals:yes <3
Keep a Diary/Journal:my blog?

Can You...

Roll Your Tongue in a Circle:yes =)) [actually i'm doing this roght now :">]
Both Ways:yes
Juggle:something like this
Do the Splits:yes:))
Say the Alphabet Backwards:no :))
Write With Both Hands:no

In a Guy/Girl...

Favourite Eye Colour:don't matter
Favourite Hair Colour:don't matter
Long or Short:not too long, but not too short.
Height:taller than me :">
Weight:i don't konw
Clothing Style:sk8 =p~
Drugs and/or Alcohol:alcohol
Love or Money:love!


What's the Stupidest Thing You've Done:I The most stupid thing I did was to wait the bus for 25 minutes.
Who Would You Want to be Stuck in an Elevator With:with...HIM
Is Your Window Open:no.
What Colour is Your Toothbrush:white...i think :))

Little Known Fact About You:

Who Is Your Longest Friend & How Long:Mia, for 11 years <3
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight:yes,yes,yes!
Did You Have Long Hair as a Kid:yes
What Cell Phone Provider Do You Have:LG gt505
Do You Know All The Words to the National Anthem:almost all the words...
Have You Ever Smoked Peanut Shells:?
Last Time You Swam in a Pool:last summer...
If You Were a Crayon What Colour Would You Be:purple
Been to the Mall Lately:yes
Ever caught a Fish:yes

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