miercuri, 31 august 2011

Wake me up when september ends!

Anyway, s-a dus si vara asta. Cred ca a fost cea mai draguta vara de pana acum. Amintirile de vara asta o sa ramana muuult intiparite in creierul meu, pentru ca sunt speciale.

Am gasit o poza pe tumblr cu un fel de leapsa, ma gandeam sa o pun aici:

1. giving me flowers; making me laugh; i don't know.
2. starting the 8th gradeeeee
3. Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho <3
5. "You'va changed so much, asshole. I think being without me made you such an idiot". MUJAJAJAJA
6. Fake
7. fish, dog, cat, snake, rabbit.
8. nothing
9. very important
10. E.M.I.L. - Fara regrete; Beyonce - Why don't you love me; Placebo - Bruise Pristine; Georghe Michael - Careless whisper; SOAD - Lost in Hollywood; Kid Cudi - Day N Nite; Guns'n'roses - This I love; Metallica - Unforgiven; Will Smith - Switch; Afroman - Because I got high.
11. mom, dad & friends.
13. i hate my body.
14. pijama
15. gemini. and yes, it reflects my personality. :)
16. uhmm, don't really know :3
17. that i lost weight =)))) ahahaa
18. my grandma...
19. pizza; shrimps, sushi, mojito, bananas.
20. dogs.
21. PERFECT ahaha
22. ?
23. my childhood.
24. "spiritism", "as fi fost eu tactu' dar tiganul dinaintea mea avea marunt", "goli-goli" , "ai frate, zau ?!", etc.
25. worrying about future.
26. well i like my eyes, my hair colour and my lips. :) i don't really know what i really dislike omg :))
27. paulo coelho's. :)
28. U.S.A !
29. i'll think about it:))
30. i'll see my friends at school :-?


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